Effective marketing is vital to any successful business.
But where do you start?

Media Link, Inc. specializes in strategic planning and placement. We focus on expanding the footprint of businesses and organizations by creating and distributing messaging to reach as many members of your target audience as possible. We start by analyzing your company’s current position in the community and determining how it can be maintained or improved upon. Then we identify your target audience and the best ways to reach them. Based on a reasonable and appropriate budget, we create a marketing plan best suited to your company’s needs.

Once we develop a marketing strategy, we set into motion a process for creating the most effective campaign to reach and influence the behavior of your target audience. We coordinate production of customized materials. These may include web sites, social media, billboards, radio and television commercials, print or online ads for newspapers and magazines, direct mail pieces, brochures, public relations materials including news releases, blog entries, Facebook pages, event planning and coordination and countless other tactics.

Once your materials have been created, Media Link is fully-equipped to identify the most cost-effective advertising to purchase using our patented media buying software, Media Link Software. Our web-based platform catalogues information from your target audience’s media and advertising vendors and allows us to create the most effective campaign possible.